Aem Cold Air Intake

 Get your intake system running cool as can be with the AEM Cold Air Intake. Thanks to a custom design that locates the filter outside the engine compartment, AEM Cold Air Intakes rush cooler air straight into your sport compact like no other intake setup can.The AEM Cold Air Intake starts with innovative AEM Dryflow filter technology, feeding faster, cooler air through the mandrel-bent aluminum intake pipe. That intake pipe is a stunner, too—most AEM Cold Air Intakes come with your choice of a Blue, Red, Gun Metal Gray or Polished finish.

Thanks to detailed instructions and AEM's soft-mount

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Aem Hybrid Intake

Aem hybrid intakes are direct-fit intakes for hondas and acuras with engine swaps, and eliminate the need to buy a system that doesn’t fit and have to cut it up, which voids the warranty. hybrid intakes install using standard tools with no additional modifications. we designed our hybrid intakes for high-output engines with internal engine modifications like cams and porting, and manufacture them using three-inch mandrel bent aircraft aluminum for maximum flow. since we design our hybrid intakes for cars with engine swaps, they are intended for off-road use only and are not 50-state legal. so you’ve

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Aem Short Ram Intake

When you want more horsepower and torque (and even an improvement in MPGs) for your sport compact, the AEM Short Ram Intake is your best pick. With an easy-to-mount short ram design that forces huge volumes of air right to your engine, the AEM Short Ram Intake brings your ride to life—and can even save you some hard-earned cash.The AEM Short Ram Intake starts the flow with AEM's hassle-free Dryflow Performance Filter. Masses of air flow through the filter and down the mandrel-bent aluminum intake tube, which also tricks-out your engine compartment with a Red, Blue or Polished finish.Best yet, the AEM Short Ram Intake doesn't

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